Plan Your Health Trip

Our International Relations Department will ensure seamless exchange of information regarding treatment modality, costs involved, probable outcomes, duration of stay (both in and out of the hospital) etc.

Once you have decided to travel, its time to ensure the following :

  • Procure a Visa Invitation clearly indicating the purpose of travel, duration of treatment & approximate duration of stay from the hospital & carry the same at all times during the journey.
  • Check if you need any vaccination(s) - usually patients traveling to India would need Yellow Fever & Oral Polio Vaccines.
  • Apply for the requisite visa (If your county is not offered Visa on Arrival).
  • Ensure all medical reports are placed together in a bag safely, preferably carry the same in hand baggage (sometimes checked baggage is delayed / lost).
  • Check on the Local Weather and chose clothing accordingly.
  • For patients who are on medication - they must carry medication along with them for at least 4 days.
  • Check with airlines for any forms / declaration they would like you to fill before your travel. In case of patients with special needs like wheelchair it is advised to indicate the same while booking the tickets.
  • Share the detailed itinerary with the hospital representative, look for the Synergy Hospitals Placard in your name.

Please visit this link : (It is important to understand the prevailing Indian regulations)

For any queries at any point in time write to : or Call +91 281 6195000 or Call & Whatsapp +91 95121 40059

Facilities for International Patients

Our International Patients Team ensures providing you with world class quality of service to make your medical journey hassle free for you and your family.

  • Providing detailed medical opinion and tele-consultation with our team of doctors before arrival.
  • Assistance with Visa Services.
  • A dedicated relationship manager is assigned to each patient to take care of all you needs inside the hospital and to assist you with hospital administrative processes.
  • International Concierge Desk at dedicated International lounge will help to arrange for a hotel/ guest house as per your preference.
  • Complimentary two way airport transfers.
  • Dedicated Relationship manager to take care of all you needs inside the hospital.
  • Payments can be done either via cash, credit card or Wire Transfer.
  • International Concierge Desk available at the hospital will facilitate travel within the city as well as for local sight-seeing.
  • Interpreters available at the hospital.

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